For both Ambassadors and Guests

The Maine Ambassador Program is founded on the idea that Mainers are what make Maine strong, whether those Mainers are life-long, newly arrived, or aspiring.  With that in mind, please abide by the following.

• Just like any other online matching system, please use your best judgement when meeting.  MAP ambassadors are all volunteers in the community.  We recommend meeting in a public place. Here is a list of popular restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries around town!

• All guests and ambassadors are expected to be respectful, honest, and professional during all interactions.

• MAP is not intended as a lead generating activity, and this is not an opportunity to practice your sales pitch.

• This page may update from time to time.  Please check regularly for any updates.


COVID-19 update: Due to the pandemic we suggest connecting with your Guest or Ambassador via email, phone or video conferencing! It is important to keep socially distant so we can enjoy all Maine has to offer, sooner rather than later. Please stay safe and be well.