Welcome to the Maine Ambassador Program

What is MAP?

The Maine Ambassador Program(MAP) connects those who are interested in working, moving or visiting Maine with people who already work and live in Maine. By giving new Mainers a connection, we hope to encourage more people to experience what Maine has to offer.  We match people based on common interests and lines of business.  Want to get paired with an ambassador?  Sign Up Here.

Who is MAP?

MAP is a committee of Propel Portland that focuses on connecting new Mainers to the community. MAP is run by three volunteers Patricia Hasson, Matthew Opuda, and Lance Taylor. We, along with a community of Mainers, set up time to meet frequent vacationers, first time visitors, and anyone interested in our state to educate on what Maine has to offer.

I would say that the Maine Ambassador Program worked pretty seamlessly for me and my assigned mentor, Dori, was very welcoming, as well as great with recommendations.  I’m really happy I signed up, because I’ve met a bunch of new people and joined a book club. It’s a win/win.
Rachel P.

The Maine Ambassador Program was very successful for me.  It was an excellent opportunity to meet people who were new to the state or thinking about moving here and to be able to share with them why I love Portland and Maine so much.  I had a great time meeting my matches and ultimately forming a friendship with one of them, Rachel, based on mutual interests!  This program has been a great networking opportunity and I look forward to continuing to be a part of it.
Dori L.

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