Welcome to the Maine Ambassador Program

What is MAP?

The Maine Ambassador Program (MAP) is a group that helps embed new-to-Maine individuals into the professional community and continues to share resources to keep Mainers engaged.

Who is MAP?

MAP is a committee of PROPEL Portland members that focuses on helping newcomers meet people in Maine. MAP is run by three volunteers Zach Gostanian, Ed Budway, Matthew Opuda. We, along with a community of Mainers, set up time to meet those looking for jobs in Maine, are visiting on vacation, or anyone interested in our state to educate what Maine has to offer.

Meet the Ambassadors

Zach Gostanian – Maine Ambassador

Zach moved to Maine in 2018 and has never looked back. I Love the mountains, oceans, lakes, coastline, and most of all the food and beer. I live in Falmouth with my wife, daughter, dog, cat, and honey bees.

Ed Budway – Maine Ambassador

Ed Budway moved to Maine in 2007 and currently resides in South Portland. He’s stuck around so long thanks to the food, beer, and Maine outdoors. Ed is a Marketing Manager at Evergreen Credit Union in Portland, and enjoys paddle boarding, CrossFit, and gaming.


I would say that the Maine Ambassador Program worked pretty seamlessly for me and my assigned mentor, Dori, was very welcoming, as well as great with recommendations.  I’m really happy I signed up, because I’ve met a bunch of new people and joined a book club. It’s a win/win.


Rachel P.

The Maine Ambassador Program was very successful for me.  It was an excellent opportunity to meet people who were new to the state or thinking about moving here and to be able to share with them why I love Portland and Maine so much.  I had a great time meeting my matches and ultimately forming a friendship with one of them, Rachel, based on mutual interests!  This program has been a great networking opportunity and I look forward to continuing to be a part of it.
Dori L.


The Maine Ambassador Program is founded on the idea that Mainers are what make Maine strong, whether those Mainers are life-long, newly arrived, or aspiring.  With that in mind, please abide by the following.

• Just like any other online matching system, please use your best judgement when meeting.  MAP ambassadors are all volunteers in the community.  We recommend meeting in a public place. Here is a list of popular restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries around town!

• All guests and ambassadors are expected to be respectful, honest, and professional during all interactions.

• MAP is not intended as a lead generating activity, and this is not an opportunity to practice your sales pitch.

• These guidelines may update from time to time.  Please check regularly for any updates.


COVID-19 update: Due to the pandemic we suggest connecting with your Guest or Ambassador via email, phone or video conferencing. It is important to keep socially distant so we can enjoy all Maine has to offer, sooner rather than later. Please stay safe and be well.

Guest Sign Up

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Questions or concerns?  Reach out to us by emailing contact@maineambassadorprogram.org .

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